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My name is Alessandro Bondi and I'm an archival researcher since over twenty years.


I am an expert in genealogy, archival, paleography and diplomatic, studied at Modena's State Archive.

My experience and my studies in topography, onomastics, toponymy, demography and local history, make me competent to reconstruct the stories of ordinary families, illustrious and noble,  in a scientific way, serious, detailed and  documented.


For years I Attend daily State, municipal, ecclesiastical, military and private Archives and the libraries in Emilia Romagna and the surrounding regions.


During these years I have studied several families, going back along the time till 1600 and finding 10-12 generations of ancestors, and according to the documentation I could go back to XVI century.

I'm available to anyone who wants information, exchange of experiences, cost estimates, and help for building the Family Tree.


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